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Web of Trolls (eBook, ePUB)
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RPG...Magic...DeathThecreatures of nightmarehave shown themselves and there isno hiding the truthof their threat. Colby and his friendsnarrowlyescaped capturein Mexico. Now they areback in Chicagoand nearing theend of the spring break when anattack in the assumed safetyof the Stevens´ homehas leftColby´s mother in dangerand the kids on the offense. They aretaking the fight to the Shizumuin theirvirtualworldprison,theShiznet.In therealm of their enemy,the kids mustfight a virtualrealityunlike the role-playing of a game.This is no gameand theirenemy is playing for keeps. They´ll face angry birdsthat force theminto a trapwhere they will beseparated and trolleduntilthey give upwhat the adversary wants.They will have toovercome theirfears and self doubtto triumph andsave Colby´s mother, getting themone stepcloser to finding Jarrod Stevensand reunited the family. Butfighting amongst themselvesmaythreaten their chancesofsuccess.

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